Sustainability / CSR

Sustainable Business Practices

Sustainable business practices and CSR have long involved more than just recycling and fair trade. It is a method of entrepreneurship based on long-term business models. Examples are the circular economy, product-as-a-service and bio-based materials. Sustainable business practices involve innovation and opportunities; it is a way of doing business that is appropriate to today’s challenges and that will meet those of the future.


Socially responsible

In addition to quality, Corporate Social Responsibility is a firm foundation underpinning the Pennings enterprise. Closer to home, Pennings Metal Recycling has been socially engaged for years by offering appropriate work at its site in Uden to employees referred by the IBN Foundation for cultural minorities and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV). By having these employees work on a daily basis at our location, they really form part of our company. As a result, they are extremely motivated in carrying out their activities.

We strive at all times for sustainability in all our projects and actively seek clients with the same interests.
We are continuously looking to innovate within our organisation and we seize opportunities wherever necessary.

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