Supply of raw materials

Thanks to our new shredder, we are better placed for recycling and processing all cables on-site. This makes us a supplier of products that go straight to smelters. There, this material is immediately processed into new raw materials.

Copper is a durable, soft metal that is easy to process, for example through soldering and welding. In addition, it is rustproof and weatherproof, making it a popular metal for use in buildings and statues. Another advantage is that through oxidation it develops a green patina beloved of many designers and architects. In construction, copper is also frequently used in sanitary facilities, water pipes and other plumbing applications. Copper has the attractive property of being 100% reusable.

The process

Step by step.

The production process for pure aluminium involves a number of steps. First, bauxite, a granular soft rock, is extracted from nature. Next, aluminium oxide is obtained from bauxite by means of the Bayer process.
Because aluminium has a strong tendency to bind with oxygen, pure aluminium cannot be found in nature.
The substances aluminium and oxygen are subsequently separated through electrolysis, which consumes a lot of electricity (24,000 kW for 1,000 kilos of aluminium). Recycling aluminium uses significantly less energy: around 5% of the production process. It is therefore very important for the environment to recover as much aluminium as possible through recycling.


After the cable has been shredded, part of it is left with a mixture of plastic grinding residues.
This "waste" is the raw material for other PVC factories.

When the PVC leaves the factory, the manufacturer ensures that it is:
Free from dirt that can damage injection moulding machines;
Checked for XLPE, rubber, LDPE and metal content;
Mixed according to customer specifications.

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