Metal prices

Metal prices are for clean, sorted materials.
The metal prices are stock exchange-related amounts and can change daily.
Prices adjusted on: Wednesday 10-21-2020 at 13:13  

Electric motors

Rechargeable batteries

Cable with plug

Cable 38-40%

Cable 60%

Aluminium cable with copper

Aluminium cable

Ground cable <15% copper content

Ground cable >20% copper content

Copper hand-peeled 99.99%

Fine stranded copper cable

Red copper mixed 95%

Brass (yellow copper)

Aluminium copper coolers

Copper boiler

Stainless steel 304



Aluminium beaten

Aluminium new

Aluminium cast

Blank aluminium section

Coated aluminium section

Aluminium foil

Aluminium rims

PC cases

RSV appendix

Aluminium appendix


Please note: refrigerators, freezers and TVs are not accepted.
For other delivery specifications, see: acceptance policy

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Metal with a cast-iron story to tell.
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