Cable recycling

We are a young and dynamic company that also has a strong focus on cable recycling. We process and recycle on-site all the cables that we receive, thanks to our purchase of the cable-stripping machines

needed as well as the new cable shredder purchased in 2018.

After the cables have been sorted, they are cut by machine into manageable lengths. They are then ready to be processed further.

At our company the cables are cut, stripped, peeled and granulated, in order to salvage the purest products in a responsible manner and reduce the impact on the environment as much as possible.

In the case of ground cables, the outer sheath of the cut cable sections (Fe, lead cables, Pb and bitumen) is stripped. The copper cores are shredded, leaving pure metals that are then reused in primary production processes.

The materials obtained are processed into secondary raw materials that are ready for a second life. Industry can use them in the creation of new products, so that fewer primary materials have to be extracted from nature. This reduces the impact on the environment and contributes towards cutting CO2 emissions.

We pay you the best possible prices, with the price of course being determined by the quality of the cable.

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